In the S-Craft range, all of our available shutter styles, except the 'automated light control', are available in a choice of 6 wooden materials, each one offering its own benefits. Depending on your budget and specifications we will be able explain the differences to you and provide you with a FREE quote for the design, bespoke manufacture and installation of the different styles and materials you are interested in.

The 6 materials are:

Antigua - entry level shutter - an extremely durable composite wood MDF wrapped in a tough, water resistant polyurethane coating. A little shinier with a very slight orange peel texture due to the coating. Available in 5 white colours and with a beaded stile.

Bermuda - a painted MDF product with polypropylene sleeve that gives a smoother finish than Antigua and is available in a range of 28 painted colours and a beaded stile.

Java - extremely hard wearing - an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) lightweight and hardwearing plastic shutter - now fully waterproof so recommended for more humid conditions for example in either bathrooms or kitchens.

Cuba - A robust MDF frame with lightweight hardwood panels. A mixture of hardwoods are used with a uniform grain making this product ideal for painted shutters. Cuba has flat stiles and is available is 6 shades of white.

Fiji - manufactured from Paulownia with a flat stile, this range is available in a range of 28 painted colours and 20 hardwood stains. Paulownia is a beautiful sustainable hardwood with a light natural honey colour that is great for stains.

Sumatra - the top of our product range, manufactured from FSC certified white teak. A tight grain with high dimensional stability, manufactured with a beaded stile. Also available in 28 painted colours and 20 stained options.

  • Great Range of Designs
  • Huge Variety of Colours
  • Exceptionally High Quality
  • Expert Installation

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